Thursday, May 23, 2013

Who loves short shorts?

I love short shorts!
My leather obsession never ends, really, so it comes as no surprise that these structured leather shorts are right up my alley.

 MLM leather shorts - available from July

 Ellery city thunder pleat front shorts, seen on Phoebe Tonkin (top left and right) and Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox (bottom).


Image sources: Zara Bryson, Ellery Land, Zimbio


  1. Ok, these are hot!! I have a pair of faux leather shorts but comparing to these, they look like ... Shit.:D

    1. Yeah, sometimes pleather looks fine in the store, and it's only when you put it against real leather that you realise the major difference! Real leather all the way <3 I don't own a pair yet. Hopefully I can get the MLM ones for Summer :)

    2. Just remembered I do own Suede leather shorts, which are nice, but not the same..